Like the Sun Shining upon the Spring in Our Hearts.

Lecturer at the Ecole du Louvre/Art critic
Eric Monsinjon

With various works as cheerful as the sun, Rii. is an artist who creates art that seems to envelop and watch over us.

Her works are drawn from her heart, from which we can sense her purity as an artist and her sincere attitude toward her art. As the sun rises and sets, a surge of emotions familiar to all is felt in the heart, as if Rii. is like a sun shining gently on our hearts.

What’s noteworthy is the rich use of color and expressiveness to which Rii.’s heart is projected. Amazed at such radiant beauty, Rii. understands the influence that colors have on the viewer in terms of the senses and uses pale and soft tones to achieve a good effect. Her use of color gives one a sense of warmth and healing, which can be seen in the skin and hair colors of her characters who live in the world she has created with a type of presence from these people. The wonderful gradations used in the backgrounds also seemingly convey a sense of happiness in her fictional world.

In mixed media, there are works that combine common art materials with real flowers, which fascinated her with such inspiration, While the various color elements stand out as they are expressed with dried flowers, the 3D and 2D parts do not collide with each other but rather harmonize with the people depicted around them, creating a sense of unity as a single work. Those who see her work in its glory are sure to be captivated by beauty and surprise.

The characters in her art are full of kindness and happiness, lovely and innocent. This kind of expression is only possible when the artist has a clear vision of the world he or she envisions with the right ability and skills to express it. Although it is important to have the skills to draw what is real as they are, imaginary landscapes, intangible feelings, and ideals can only be achieved through the accumulation of expression, imagination, and experience, in which the richness and purity of the heart by Rii. is reflected as well.

Rii.’s work seems to have two effects: One is the first impression of beauty and healing, and the other is how it gives one the pleasure of living in the world of her art by overlapping oneself with the characters depicted in it. This has been felt especially strongly in her two works Eternity and Ai no Wa. The stories that Rii. draws are completed in such a way that they seep into our hearts.

The complex emotions, serene expressions, warm colors, and gentle atmosphere created by her brushwork are like the sun shining upon the infinite spring in our hearts. That is the power of Rii.’s art.