Rii loved to learn calligraphy in her childhood and when she was a student, she loved drawing. Being an introvert, she used to heal herself in many ways, for example by writing her feelings in calligraphic characters or expressing her emotions by drawing pictures.
As an adult,she became a florist. While working with flowers, she acquired a lot of knowledge, as well as the beauty and depth of plants. Amongst other things, painting allows her to connect with people, to be supported and to be appreciated, so naturally she started to paint more and more and continues to expand her activities.

Her work is based on two concepts:
“ May the world be at peace. ”
“ May your days be beautiful and kind.”

Her work is inspired by the following sentiment. “We humans are part of nature, just like nature. It takes a long time for a seed to take root and sprout, and once it has sprouted, it may be defeated by pests or wind and rain. But if you don’t give up, one day you will see a beautiful flower. After that, it will bear fruit, and from there, many seeds will be produced, and it will grow naturally, just like a flower garden spreading out.”

Her work includes not only two-dimensional paintings and illustrations, but also works in which she combines paintings with dried and preserved flowers. In her solo exhibitions, she focuses on creating a space where paintings and plants are combined.
She has had seven solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Nagoya.